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Order certificate of incorporation

The virtual counter allows you to order an excerpt from the debt enforcement office responsible for the district of the canton of Fribourg where you live. Each debt enforcement office has its own database. The extract issued by a debt enforcement office corresponds to any debt enforcement proceedings in the district of that office. There is no such possibility for an except Federal Level.

You can only enter one address, your current address or, if you have left the canton, your previous address. Your address outside of the canton is not relevant as the document is sent as a PDF to the virtual counter and not by post.

If a tax office or other organisation asks you to provide them with an extract, you should not mention them in the request as this would distort the request and it could not be processed. You should use the function "Extract for myself".

You can order an extract either for yourself or for a third party (in which case the extract will mention any debts of the third party). Moreover, the extract can only be issued at the office of the main domicile. If you order an extract with your secondary address, your request will be rejected.

Extract for yourself
Please indicate your exact address under "Street/No." and "ZIP-code/place" and enclose recto/verso-copies of your identity document if you are a Swiss citizen or of your residence permit, if you are a foreign citizen.

Extract for your company
Please create an account in the name of a company administrator and use the "extract for third parties" function. The third party is the company.

Extract for a third party
Please create an account in your own name and use the "extract for third parties" function. To do this, you must attach proof of your interest (contract, invoice, etc.) to your application (see art. 8a para. 1 and 2 Federal Act of 11 April 1889 on Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy DEBA) or a power of attorney as well as the recto-verso copies of the identity document of the third party if you are making this application for a relative.
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