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Qualified electronic signature

The electronic signature guarantees the integrity (protection against ongoing modification) and the authenticity (i. e. the origin) of a document (cf. corresponding federal website). It is digital information contained in the signed document. It is not visible and should not be confused with the handwritten signature.

Further information can be found on the corresponding federal website: E-Signature (

Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez vous rendre sur le site de la confédération : E-Signature (

  1. Validity of an electronically signed document

  2. Verification of the electronic signature

1. Validity of an electronically signed document

The qualified electronic signature is based on the fingerprint of the document. This confirms that the document is the original issued by the official body. If the document is a copy, the fingerprint of this copy is different from that of the original document and the electronic signature is invalid for this copy.

2. Verification of the electronic signature

The validity of a signed PDF document can be checked on the following website of the Swiss Confederation

For a civil status document, select the document type "Electronic public documents and electronic certifications" under 1 at the picture of the Validator website in the scroll-down menu.

Practical information

  1. When you receive a signed document in your virtual counter account, you can download it from My documents, save it to your computer, and send only that original version of the file to the recipient (such as a local government agency).
  2. Once the file has been downloaded, it must be retrieved from the file in which it was saved ("Uploads", "Downloads" or other).

Are you having trouble verifying a document or determining the validity of a document?

Make sure that the document has been downloaded and not saved using the web browser or another program such as Adobe Reader.

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